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Association for professional logistics companies Synergy Logistics was created to establish more reliable contacts between transportation and logistics service receivers in Russia and suppliers of these services –the biggest and most reliable international transport and logistics companies. Interest in Far Eastern logistics market is growing constantly. Customers interested in Far Eastern logistics are usually businessmen. A lot of them represent interests of companies located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Ryazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Togliatti, Perm and other Russian cities. The Association expanded Far Eastern logistics and opened new destinations across the globe. Leading international companies with their vast experience in transport and logistics will ensure that import and export of cargos across the globe will be carried out in time and with maximum efficiency.

Through keeping in constant touch with leading transport and logistics companies across the world Association is able to provide collateral guarantees when it comes to selection of service provider. These guarantees will ensure that the choice our client makes is safe and economically justified: we will make all the necessary calculations based on the sum our client is willing to spend. The resulting price will include customs registration and the delivery of cargo. We will establish a constructive dialog with logistics companies and provide additional financial assurance during the completion of deals, should the need arise. Moreover, you will be able to track all the latest news in the transport and logistics business and other related information using our site.

I would like to bring our clients’ notice to the fact that our Association is working only with the most serious and reliable international transport and shipping companies. These companies value their reputation and will never use illegal transporting schemes or cargo execution methods. But this does not necessarily mean that the price for our services has to be high. Demand for our services, high freight traffic activity and competent customs processing enable us to keep our prices lower than the Russian market average.

With regards, Korsak Zhanna,
President of "Synergy Logistics".
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