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Primorsky Krai is a Far East region of Russia through which the majority of goods from China flows to the country. Due to geographical proximity delivery of Chinese goods to Vladivostok is possible by any transport.

Depending on the capacity and needs of customers logistics companies offer ocean freight as very budget option or air cargo transportation from China to Vladivostok. Ocean freight is the most reasonable option if a customer can wait for seven to ten days.

The second way seems appropriate when transporting goods with a limited shelf-life, expensive, dangerous, etc. Despite high cost many entrepreneurs choose air freight transportation from China to Vladivostok, as it twice reduces the cash flow time.

Goods coming from Chinese suppliers to Vladivostok are distributed throughout the Russian Federation. It should be borne in mind that if a cargo is delivered from the China by sea, recipients in the central regions of Russia will get it within thirty to forty days. If the cargo is transported by air at one of the shipping stages, the waiting period is twice shorter.

“Synergy Logistics” has been long time delivering Air Cargo from China to Russian cities. Well-developed transportation schemes and the work of our representatives in Chinese cities will ensure that even the most complex transportation will be performed at the highest level.

We have a long term partnership with the major airlines, engaged in Air freight shipping owing to which we receive information on scheduled flights, as well as opportunities to ship cargoes by different flights. Due to our cooperation with suppliers in China and partnership with the airlines, we do not need intermediaries and arrange transport air cargo shipping from China – Beijing to Vladivostok at the lowest cost.

Goods are shipped from airports in China to Vladivostok for customs clearance, and then our specialists send them to their destinations in different regions of Russia. On request we are any convenient type of transportation can be used. Our experts accurately trace every stage of cargo transportation, making sure that the freight stayed at transit points as short time.

We offer each customer a number of alternative options for cargo shipping, depending on their wishes or develop individual plan of transportation. We arrange Air Freight Shipping from China to Vladivostok efficiently delivering cargo to its recipient anywhere in the Russian Federation.

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