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Customs clearance in Kazakhstan

We offer shipping and customs clearance of goods from China to Russia via Kazakhstan.

*The route of delivery: China – Inderabas (Iran) – Aktau-Moscow (Russia or another city). *

Common Delivery time: up to 45 days.

We also perform additional services for the logistics of the scheme:

  • Advising on foreign economic activity (FEA) – consultation at the conclusion of international contracts -advising on customs legislation and its practical application
  • Preparation and approval of documents for customs clearance
  • Registration of traders in customs
  • Full conducting foreign trade for the client
  • Evaluation of the customs value of the goods and payment of customs duties
  • The customs value of the goods subject to the conditions of delivery under the contract in accordance with Incoterms 2010
  • Monitoring of specialized media sources for the cost of similar items
  • Calculation of customs duties, taxes and fees
  • Advising on the specifics of payment of customs duties
  • Implementation of customs duties for the client
  • Certification services: obtaining permits, certificates and declarations of conformity, certificates and declarations of fire safety, exemption letters, and other documents required for customs clearance
  • Preliminary inspection to verify compliance with its cargo and shipping documents
  • Customs declarations for goods.
  • Product support until its release into free circulation
  • Representing clients at customs

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Customs Clearance

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