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FCL, or Full Container Load is when a customer rents the whole container. After the cargo is delivered to its destination, the container must be returned to its point of origin.

FCL as well as LCL shiping from China is highly demanded service today. If you are interested in Ocean Freight Shipping from any city of China within a short period of time, feel free to contact the Synergy Logistics. Our specialists will estimate the cost of FCL cargo shipping service, choosing the best rates, and develop a route for container from China. Our team is ready to assist in customs clearance with guarantee.

Statistics of foreign trade turnover

According to information provided by the customs terminals of the Far Eastern region of Russia, in the first half of 2011 most of the imports value fell on goods from China. Shipping goods in containers from China to Russia is one of the main direction of our association. Needless to say, price and quality of Chinese products are not the same. Often they depend on where a product was made, but in general the competitiveness of goods made in China tends to increase. Far Eastern Customs Administration of Russian Federation reported that in the first half of 2011 the price of Chinese goods imported to Russia increased by 36 percent (equivalent to 252 million U.S. dollars). The total value of the imported Chinese goods in July 2011 amounted to 945.6 million U.S. dollars.

Imports from China

It is well known that China is the leader in the supply of textile products and footwear. T-shirts and jeans, belts, shoes, and socks made in China are popular with customers in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. According Far Eastern Customs analysts of Russia it is the Chinese footwear has been making a significant contribution to the total volume of imports recently.

Furthermore, packaging equipment, products for children, furniture, industrial equipment and machinery, equipment for medical facilities and disposal of medical waste, cars and trucks are actively imported from China.

Import of medical equipment made in China has tremendously increased recently. The equipment for dental clinics is made in accordance with the international standards what makes it popular all over the world. Dental devices are imported to most of countries in Asia and in Europe. Chinese manufacturers are making both the standard equipment and individual setting on request. China made sterilizing dental devices is popular in the world as well. It is worth to mentioning that the price range for the Chinese dental equipment is very wide, and even inexpensive devices have a very good quality and their functionality is a little lower in than that of more expensive models. The most well-known companies engaged in the production of medical equipment are Hundar, Mindri, and Kenezo.

Chinese manufacturers of medical equipment hold an exhibition – sale «China International Medical Equipment Fair» twice a year to familiarize potential customers with their products.

The exhibitors present samples of the equipment to the general public. Visitors can order FCL Cargo Shipping right there. “Synergy Logistics” is ready to help medical institutions with Container Shipping from China. FCL ocean freight shipping from China through the Primorye Territory of Russia very is very reasonable for businessmen. To date, only Vladivostok is connected with China with several regular sea tench that include PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL LINES (PTE) North – Asia Service (NAS) (route: Beijing-Shanghai-Busan-Niigata), FESCO China Direct Line (Route: China – Beijing- Hong Kong – Ningbo – Shanghai) and Sakhalin Shipping Company (the route Vladivostok – Shanghai – Vladivostok).

FLC Shipping time

Let’s look at an example. It takes FLC freight 10 to 14 days to get from China to Vladivostok (or East (Nakhodka) by sea, then it takes 10 days before the cargo is delivered Grodekovo by rail, then the container is transported to Ussuriysk by truck which takes 2 to 5 days. The cargo is moved across Russia within seven days depending on how far a destination is, but it is also possible to deliver cargoes and containers by trucks.

“Synergy Logistics” will arrange FCL cargo shipping from/to China within short time at the best prices. We also offer cargo consolidation and warehouse in China.

Bear in mind that the Ocean Freight Shipping takes longer than a month (for example, it takes a cargo 38 days to reach St. Petersburg from China). As an alternative you might consider Air Cargo Shipping, but this way is more expensive.

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