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Belgium is not among the major exporters, so the transportation of goods from Belgium is not among the priorities of most transport companies. The chief exports from Belgium are food, (famous chocolate and beer), agricultural products and textiles. Quite a large percentage accounts for ferrous and nonferrous metals. In recent years Belgium actively supplied the world market with luxury goods and premium class jewelry.

Since Belgium is located in Central Europe, cargos are delivered by road most often. In some cases, Ocean Freight shipping from Belgian ports or pre-delivery to some ports of the Netherlands or Germany is more profitable. In case of emergency air delivery is used, although this method is too expensive.

A few logistics companies cooperate in the field of transportation & logistics with Belgium. “Synergy Logistics” is one of them. Our professionals have good contacts with Belgian colleagues and work in many Belgian cities interacting with suppliers.

Belgian goods are still not very well known and popular in Russia; therefore goods are not purchased in large quantities. This means that the complete filling of the truck shipping container is not possible, but one has to pay full price for the delivery. Therefore entrepreneurs use another option, that is, LCL Cargo delivery from Belgium, which means one container load addressed to different recipients. The shipping cost is distributed proportionally according to the weight and volume of the cargo.

Association “Synergy Logistics” is ready to help in calculating the expected LLC cargo shipping from Belgium and offer the most convenient delivery method that will save finances without increasing the waiting period.

It must be stressed that Belgium has a reputation of the country with very high level of bureaucracy (in comparison with other EU countries). Therefore, cargo consolidation and shipping to Russia can take some time. Our logistics, freight forwarders and experts in foreign trade involved in LCL shipping from Belgium, have a rich experience in overcoming bureaucratic obstacles; therefore they can facilitate LCL cargo delivery from Belgium to Russia or any other country.

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