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LCL shipping from/to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Logistic Alliance “Synergy Logistics” with 12 year successful experience of freight forwarding offers cargo shipping by sea / Rail Freight / Truck Freight Shipping from / to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Full range of services for LCL includes:

• Consolidation of goods in our consolidation warehouses
• Quality assurance service, cargo packaging, weighing, packaging control, labeling.
• Customs clearance in Vladivostok, Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
• Freight forwarding from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the warehouse and the customer with all required documents after the customs clearance.
• Organization of LCL cargo shipping from/to Bosnia and Herzegovina, including multimodal service “door to door”.
• Full control on the way.
• Responsibility of all subcontracting companies, engaged in the services.
• Required paperwork for cargo shipment
• Cargo transportation safety guarantee.
• Choosing the most cost effective and efficient transportation routes.
• Monitoring the condition of the cargo at each stage.

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