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By the end of the last century Peoples’ Republic of China had become a leader in the export of the widest range of products supplied to the markets of different countries of the world. If in late eighties products made in China had a reputation of low-quality goods, by the beginning of this century their quality had improved significantly. These days products of China highly appreciated by customers in Europe and America.

Today variety of products ranging from food to electronic appliances is exported in large amount from China. Often buyers purchase large amounts of low cost Chinese goods to gain a huge profit by reselling them at a way higher price. However, more and more entrepreneurs of small and medium scale as well as individuals who need only a very limited number of products participate in commerce deals with Chinese side. In this case the best solution is LCL or LESS THAN A CONTAINER LOAD when a freight forwarder consolidates the cargo into a container with freight from other suppliers and charge customer by the cubic meter (CBM). With LCL customers do not overpay for shipping the cargo from China to their countries.

Association of Logistics Companies Synergy Logistics has been providing services in FCL and LCL shipping from China. Due to the geographical location we have very close relationship with Chinese manufacturers and sellers. Having a number of consolidation warehouses in China allows us to form and ship LCL freight by sea from China within a short period of time.

Our customers should keep in mind that the loading the cargo in a container to ship from China takes a few days, while LCL exporting to Russia is made weekly. Since the minimum weight of a modular cargo must be at least 100 kilogram, cargo consolidation process in warehouses of Shanghai and Guanchdzhou is very quick.

The cost of cargo preparation & consolidation services is only 20 dollars.

This policy of our Association allows for very interesting proposals concerning how to ship cargo (LCL) by sea from China.

Most customers prefer ocean freight shipping from Chine as its cost is the lowest.

  • LCL Sea Shipping is 150 USD dollars per cubic meter (CBM).
  • The waiting period is less than two weeks. Usually we deliver cargo within ten day period.

In the port of Vladivostok LCL cargo delivered from China goes through customs clearance, then is transported by various types of vehicles to the recipient in the Russian Federation.

Association “Synergy Logistics” provides high-quality services employing advanced methods in logistics & cargo management, and profound knowledge of the foreign trade. Due to our individual approach and flexible pricing policy we can offer mutually beneficial cooperation to our customers.

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