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France is one of the long-term trade partners of Russia. Very close trade relations have formed between France and Russia due to the historical development of the two countries. Traditional imports from France are wines, agricultural products, clothing, perfume and beauty products. The quality of goods made in France is beyond doubt as it is always excellent.

Cargo delivery from France is one of the of the Association of logistics companies “Synergy Logistics”. Our representatives work with French manufacturers in various provinces of France, which allows us to consolidate and deliver a variety of cargoes from France to Russia within a short time. France has no common border with the Russian Federation and, therefore, a cargo has to cross the customs of several states. In this case transporting a small cargo is unprofitable, so it makes sense to take advantage of LCL (less than container load) cargo shipping from France, which is much cheaper but may take more time. Cars are used most often to transport cargoes from France, but in some cases shipping by sea is more profitable. “Synergy Logistics” works with a wide range of French manufacturers and suppliers, so the range of cargoes from France is very broad.

Since we have a number of representative offices in France, we can consolidate LCL cargo arriving from different regions. After crossing the border of the Russian Federation cargoes are delivered to customers by our partners.

The service to customers is the priority of the Association. For this reason we do everything possible to ensure that the transportation of cargoes from France was carried out quickly and comfortably. We are always ready to assist our clients in solving communication problems with the customs authorities and advise them on any matter relating to foreign trade. Since we have established very close relations with our French partners we very carefully watch every stage of cargo shipping from France.

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