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Russia has a centuries old dialogue and fruitful cooperation With Greece in various fields, including trade. Greek agricultural products have always been popular among amateurs of natural products. Equipment made for the Greek manufacturing industry is quite highly regarded in the global market.

LCL cargo shipping from Greece is one of Synergy Logistics’ priorities. We are actively cooperating with representatives of agricultural firms and large factories located both in inland Greece and on its islands. With such a number of partners Synergy Logistics can consolidate various types of cargoes in Greece. We do not limit ourselves to one or two regions but deliver cargoes from all parts of the country. Due to the geographical location of Greece shipping large consignments of goods is the most profitable, while shipping of small quantities of goods is not, especially from Greek islands. For this reason it is LCL cargo shipping from Greece that become very popular, attracting customers by its reasonable price even at the expense of slightly increased waiting period.

Having many partners in Greece allows the Association «Synergy Logistics” to consolidate cargoes in a number of warehouses for short time, forward freight by road or by sea to Russian ports. As soon as the cargoes are in Russian Federation we will deliver them to its recipients in all regions of Russia.

Level of services we provide is very important for our association. We pay special attention to elaboration of transportation routes; therefore we easily transport cargoes from Greece both across EU countries and Russian Federation, carefully monitoring all stages of the process. We are ready to help our clients with advice on the foreign economic activity.

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