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Japan has long been famous as the manufacturer of electronic equipment since the second half of the last century. The country is one of the leading exporters of consumer electronics and equipment for industrial production. Today no one doubts the quality of products made in Japan. Therefore, delivery of goods from Japan to Russia is quite in demand.

Japan belongs to the top three countries of the South Asian region engaged in active trade with Russian entrepreneurs of all levels, second only to such giants as China and South Korea. Today more and more businesses in Russia are buying Japanese goods. For customers who relatively small quantities of goods the most expedient option of cargo shipping from Japan to Russia is LCL (less than container load) which means Combining Cargo (consolidation) of many consignees into one lot in the consolidation warehouse. The advantage of LCL cargo shipping from Japan is that every consignee pays only for the delivery of its own goods, not overpaying for a half-empty container. Since Japan is an island nation, the most effective way to deliver cargo from Japan is ocean freight.

Association of professional logistics companies “Synergy Logistics” cooperates with Japanese suppliers and has a number of consolidation warehouses in major cities of Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama). It is possible to collect goods upon request from any of the regions of the country in a short time. It is worth noting that the cost of cargo consolidation and its preparation for shipping from Japan will cost is only $ 20.

We do not make our customers wait till bulk cargo is ready , as the minimum weight delivered by our Association is one hundred kilos; active circulation of goods makes possible consolidation of such a small cargo in a few days.

Consolidated cargo from Japan arrives to the Russian Federation through its Far Eastern ports.

  • Term of cargo shipping from Japan to Russia does not exceed two weeks;
  • The cost of cargo shipping is $400 for one cubic meter.

Goods arriving from Japan pass customs clearance at the terminals of the Far Eastern region, from where “Synergy Logistics” transports them to the final destination.

Our specialists have long been working in the field of transportation & logistics, so they are to organize really comfortable cargo shipping from Japan.

We always offer very profitable terms of shipping to our regular customers, at the same time we are open for effective cooperation with new partners.

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