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South Korea is one of the most powerful players in the international trade market that increased its activity in recent years, particularly in trade with Russia. By the end of the decade South Korea has become the one of largest exporter to Russia, second only to China. South Korean electronic appliances and consumer goods are very popular with Russian buyers. A rapid growth of Korean-made cars’ popularity in Russia fell on the end of the last century. The quality of goods made in South Korea is very high, what makes them very competitive even in European markets.

Today not only large retailers, industries and academic institutions buy goods made in South Korea but also small and medium scale businesses. Private persons are often interested in buying Korean cars. LCL cargo shipping from Korea is the best option for customers who do not need to buy large quantities of goods. Customers choose this freight shipping method if they do not want to overpay because when shipping the consolidated cargoes (LCL) from Korea each customer pays only for his/her part of the freight.

Association of logistics companies “Synergy Logistics” has been organizing LCL cargo shipping from/to South Korea for several years. Due to the fact that South Korea and Russia are not too far from each other, we have founded our offices in many regions of the country and found reliable Korean suppliers. Cargo is consolidated in warehouses in South Korea in the shortest time, what makes possible a quick LCL delivery from South Korea to Russia. Cost of services for the cargo consolidation is $ 20 in our consolidation warehouse in Pusan; the cargo weight must not exceed one hundred kilograms to be ready for shipping. Such terms seem very attractive, that is why our transportation services are very popular with customers. Bear in mind that LCL sea shipping from South Korea to Russia is the most expedient way both time wise and coastwise. LCL shipping from South Korea to Russian Federation takes 10-14 days; the cost of a cubic meter does not exceed $ 400.

Consolidated cargo from South Korea arrives to the port of Vladivostok and Anthodia, where our employees take care of customs formalities. Our staff works closely with the customs authorities, what accelerates customs clearance procedures. After cargo from South Korea is delivered to the port, it further shipped to any region of Russia by any type of transport selected by the client.

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