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In the past twenty years Taiwan has considerably increased its efforts to get into the global trading market. Today the products made in Taiwan are purchased by millions of consumers around the world. Main exports from Taiwan are electronic products, but no less popular are products manufactured by light industry enterprises, as well as the widest range of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Due to the low cost of products supplied to the world market by Taiwan it is reasonable to purchase large quantities of goods, but sometimes buyers need just a limited quantity. In this case the most expedient option to transport products from Taiwan under the most favorable conditions is to LCL (Less Container Load) cargo shipping, a service provided by transportation companies. A significant advantage of this type of transportation is that a client pays only for his own part of consolidated cargo rather than for the entire container.

Association of logistics companies “Synergy Logistics» has been arranging LCL cargo shipping from Taiwan. The vast majority of customers choose LCL ocean freight from as the transportation cost is very low. Certainly , ships travel longer than aircraft, nevertheless sea cargo LLC is a great deal cheaper especially if with small consignments.

The destination of cargoes transported from Taiwan is the Far Eastern ports of Russia. Transporting cargos to the ports of the European parts of Russia is impractical because it takes too much time. Owing to the Association “ Synergy Logistics” assistance cargos from Taiwan are cleared at customs in short time, thereafter our partners deliver them to their recipients in different regions of Russia.
“Synergy Logistics” experts are high-skilled and constantly improve the level of knowledge in the field of foreign trade and customs legislation of the various countries. Due to this we provide our customers with the highest quality services in both the organization and consolidated cargo (LCL) shipment from Taiwan, and communication with the customs authorities of the Russian Federation.

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