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For most Russians Thailand so far have only been associated with exotic tourism, but as a matter of fact, Russia has very close trade ties with the country. Thailand actively supplies food, pharmaceuticals and jewelry to the world market, including in Russia. Today popularity of electronic appliances made in Thailand is comparable to the popularity of those made in China.

Despite the fact that products from Thailand are mostly imported to Russia as large consignments of goods in FCL (Full Container Load), in many cases customers may need only small amounts. In this case FCL becomes unprofitable due to its high cost. The best alternative to FCL is LCL (Less than container load) cargo from Thailand as more expedient in terms of finance option of receiving a cargo from Thailand.

Due to the distance between Russia and Thailand cargo delivery is possible only by air or by sea. Air shipping of cargo from Thailand in most cases is rather expensive, but LCL ocean freight is much cheaper although LCL by sea takes much more time.

Obviously, to choose sea ports of Vladivostok and Nakhodka as cargo destination is very convenient. Besides in the Far East of Russia the customs terminals, through which LCL from Thailand bound for the Russian recipients pass, work effectively.

Association “Synergy Logistics” has been working in the Far East for a long time. Not only has it many years of experience in arranging FCL/LCL transportation from Thailand, but also strong links with the customs authorities of the Far Eastern region of Russia. We promptly do all necessary works, related to customs clearance of cargoes from Thailand; thereafter we send cleared cargoes to their recipients in different regions of the Russian Federation in the shortest possible time.

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