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The island nation of the Philippines has become a major participant in the global trade market, however the example and experience of its neighbors such as Taiwan and Indonesia encourages Philippines to develop of export destinations. Today the Philippines are ready to offer tropical fruits, seafood products and textiles to foreign partners. Since the end of the last century many large electronics manufacturers have started their branches in the Philippines, so that the country is gradually turning into a significant supplier of electronics and computer equipment. It is crucial that the products imported from the Philippines, are very cheap (even in comparison with the products made in China and Malaysia), but their quality is amazing and corresponding to the international standards.

In the Russian Federation Philippine products are not very common yet, for this reason for many buyers it seems more expedient to purchase small quantities of goods in order to determine the consumers’ interest level. In such cases an ideal way of delivering goods is LCL cargo shipping from the Philippines. Due to this method delivering a product that weighs a few pounds to Russia will not be too expensive. Geographical distance between the Philippines and Russia means air or sea cargo shipping. Air cargo shipping from the Philippines is not profitable, because shipping cost may often be equal to the cost of cargo itself, but the sea route is the answer. Ocean LCL freight forwarding from the ports of the Philippines to the Far East of Russia makes the cargo delivery profitable in terms “price / waiting time”.

Logistics Companies Association “Synergy Logistics” has been intensively cooperating with Philippine manufacturers, therefore our specialists are very well familiar with the specifics of the local legislation. It should be noted that the Philippine authorities create a very comfortable environment for foreign entrepreneurs in the country, so cargo collecting, transporting to ports, warehousing, consolidation and shipping to Russia by sea is carried out as quickly as possible and without any red tape.

It should be emphasized that since the main export from the Philippines to Russia are food products, it is necessary to observe certain requirements as to cargo storing and shipping from the Philippines.
Local businesses sometimes can issue necessary documents inaccurately. As a result there may be some problems at Russian customs. “Synergy Logistics” experts always make sure that all documentation is prepared in proper way before a cargo is sent from the Philippines and facilitate rapid customs clearance of goods when they cross the borders of the Russian Federation if necessary.

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