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The United States is the world’s largest exporter, which is the cause of their attractiveness for many companies, including those in Russia. In this respect Canada lags behind a little, although the high quality products from Canada are also interesting to Russian customers. It is difficult to determine what goods are the most preferable when imported from the U.S. and Canada, because a wide range of various goods, ranging from food to sophisticated industrial equipment comes from these countries.

In recent years thanks to the development of the Internet individuals more and more individuals purchase goods in the United States and Canada. Online retailers and auctions, that became available to Russian customers, offer clothing, appliances, even cars at affordable prices. Logistics companies often offer Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments from the United States and Canada to individuals. This type of transportation is attractive for private persons because it does not increase too much the final cost of the purchase as in the case of Full Container Load (FCL). Our partners in the United States are different long distance moving companies

Association of logistics companies “Synergy Logistics” has been arranging LCL cargo shipping from the United States and Canada to the Russian Federation for several years. It should be borne in mind that Russia and the United States are situated on different continents, which in most cases involves a multimodal transportation when a variety of transport is used. Our specialists work in many American cities and actively cooperate with transportation companies in the USA and Canada.

Owing to well thought out cooperation we will promptly arrange the delivery of goods to consolidation warehouses in the United States and Canada, storage and batching, and quick cargo shipping from the United States and Canada to Russia.

The ocean freight is the most convenient way to transport cargo from the North America to Russia. Despite the long time required takes for the cargo delivery the cost of shipping is very low, especially in the case of LCL cargo shipping from the United States and Canada, when each customer pays for the delivery of his own cargo.

Logistics and foreign trade specialist, cooperating with the Association thoroughly plan freight transportation from the U.S. and Canada to minimize waiting time and financial expenses of customer. We are also ready to carry out the customs clearance of cargos, ensuring their going through customs formalities within in the shortest time.

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