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Vietnam is one of the long-term strategic partners of the Russian Federation. A short time ago Vietnam could not be counted among the industrialized countries, but today the Vietnam made products are famous for its high quality. The Vietnamese economy has been reoriented to exporting goods since the end of the last century and theses days two-thirds of the products made in the country are exported abroad.

The largest part of exported goods is textile and food. Vietnam has actively increased oil exports recently. Russian business is eager to expand cooperation with Vietnamese manufacturers, but often businessmen prefer to buy relatively small quantities of goods at first. Goods made in Vietnam are also interesting to individuals who usually purchase very inexpensive phones and accessories for computers. Therefore LCL (less than container load) is the most profitable mode of cargo shipping from Vietnam is the most profitable for small and medium businesses, as well as for individuals because they do not have to pay for transportation.

Association of logistics companies “Synergy Logistics» has pretty close contacts with Vietnamese manufactures and exporters. Our experts work in Vietnam, so they are familiar with the local issues. Due to its features railways in Vietnam do not allow transportation of standard containers, so one has to resort to shipping cargoes by air, which is unreasonably expensive, or carefully develop a multi-modal schemes which requires great knowledge of logistics. Our staff very carefully develops transportation routes for LCL cargoes from Vietnam, thus saving time and money of our clients.

It should be emphasized another aspect of cargo shipping process from Vietnam. A wide network of well-equipped ports allows for fact LCL cargoes shipping from Vietnam operations; however there may be disputable issues during LCL cargo crossing the Russian border. Vietnamese colleagues are extremely interested in exports, but in some cases they may commit negligence in paperwork, whereas the customs authorities of Russia require that all paperwork be completed in full compliance with the Customs Code.

In such cases, it is absolutely necessary to have qualified help from experts in International economics who will help resolve disputes. Our staff cooperating with the customs authorities can greatly facilitate customs clearance of LCL cargo from Vietnam at the Russian customs.

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